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From The Editor February 2017

2016 was the year that our economy achieved record breaking economic growth in line with political stability, mobile banking was dramatically spread out and a raz of cyber attacks on Central Bank made it clear that no organization can be completely safe from a cyber threat.

In an effort to create awareness and transfer knowledge, we – a group of business and technology people, have taken initiative to publish a monthly Magazine named FiNTECH which will cover Business, Technology and Innovation. We are excited to present you the exclusive inaugural edition of FiNTECH and the teams behind the industry’s leading publication of this kind, will shine a light on 2017.

In this edition, you will find engaging interviews with leaders from the Financial and Technical Community in every section and insightful commentary from industry experts. We strive to capture the breaking news about the world’s as well as local fintech events and game changers in the industry and public view points with an intention to serve a holistic outlook and direction. Here we have tried to investigate how current players are transforming their systems to keep up with new entrants and provide services to tomorrow’s customers. As a result, banks are now designing financial products to be in line with current social and business realities and are ensuring that these product innovations along with technological revolutions will meet the rapidly changing choices & lifestyles of today’s customers.

One trending topic which looks set to continue in the years ahead is regulation, and we explore whether the current wave will help or hinder innovation. We also address the impact of increased customer demand and the need for banks to cope up with the new & reliable technologies in order to provide the speed, mobile and online 24×7 access that consumers require, alongside necessary tracking and reporting features. We also take in-depth looks at the trends, politics and start-ups that will shape the future of FinTech in Bangladesh as well as across the World. From how the refugee crisis will impact financial inclusion initiatives to the role of remittances, we look carefully at how money will move around the world. We also track the technology trends – from wearables to social media – that will transform the future of payments and ecommerce. And we keep one eye on innovation, speaking to the people responsible for keeping big companies one step ahead of their more nimble

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