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From The Editor December 2018

Dear readers,

One of the best things about technological advancement is that, almost always new innovations can benefit people across national borders. In other words, technology is an egalitarian force in it’s own ways. Of course, ultimately it is up to the people in power who decide if the magic of technology is allowed to benefit the people to its fullest extent.

Two years ago when people were fed up with the commute situation in the country, particularly in Dhaka, Uber entered the market like a saviour and was welcomed by the general public. As the ride-sharing service continues to grow, along with other competing companies, our cover story looks at the recently introduced guidelines and how far those are being complied with.

Speaking of the magical power of technology, there is a dark side to this magic and to protect the digital environment from those dark forces, cybercrimes in other words, you need appropriate cyber protection. We talk to Prabeer Sarkar about the new service he is about to launch that will, he says, “reboot” the cyber security situation in Bangladesh.

Cho Jung-il, CEO of Kona I, one of the leading companies in the global card industry, recently visited Bangladesh. We talk to Jung-il about his company and its rather unorthodox research and development branch that the Kona founder started in Dhaka, and to tremendous success too.

In our interview with Chief Marketing Officer for Asia with the global insurance giant Metlife, we learn how the company came to dominate the Bangladeshi market, how digitization is being adopted and what is ahead for the insurance industry. In a highly detailed interview with two officials from Acronis, a global provider of tech solutions, we take you through the amazing world of how cloud storage services are evolving and how the impact will continue to grow rapidly in the coming days.

Our focus on the banking sector continues and we talk to the head of International Division of Union Bank Gazi Mahmud Hasan to discuss remittance and impact of disruption in the banking sector.

Discussing remittance necessarily reminds us how indebted Bangladesh is to the expat community who have been one of the wheels that keep the whole economy of this country running. Our interview with Professor Celia Shahnaz presents yet another story of inspiration and how she and her colleagues opening new doors to the engineering professionals in Bangladesh. Other stories from the IT and finance industry and important news are there, as always.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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