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London School of Economics now offering courses in Bangladesh

An interview with Professor Wim A Van der Stede, Dean of LSE School of extended programs

Professor Wim A Van der Stede, Dean of LSE School of extended programs has recently signed a partnership with Universal College Bangladesh on behalf of LSE and University of London to offer degree programs on Business, Management and Finance. These degrees are 100% LSE curriculum, ensuring students study the best of global topics and develop skills that ensure employability and ease further study option for students. Professor Van Der Stede is currently also a CIMA professor of Accounting and Financial Management. Here is a short interview of Professor Van Der Stede regarding the opportunity of offered courses.

Fintech: Would you kindly tell us what exactly is the connection between LSE and UCB in short?

London School of Economics is a very famous and globally ranked institution supporting the University of London, of which it is s member institution, to deliver International programmes through partnerships such as the one with UCB. LSE works with University of London to deliver these globally accepted degree programs at 30 Recognised Teaching centres all around the world. The whole curriculum, marking system, contents of study, virtual learning environment are developed by LSE. In fact the faculties are approved by LSE because the idea is to keep every single thing similar.

Fintech: What is LSE Academic direction?

Well, it is just what I said right now. LSE will provide you the curriculum, marking and teacher selection, which is almost everything.

Professor Wim A Van der Stede
Professor Wim A Van der Stede

Fintech : How long is your Undergraduate program?

The LSE EMFSS program is a 3-year undergraduate program.

Fintech: What programs exactly do you offer? And which sectors do you think your students will specialize after graduating from your school?

We are starting with three degrees – BSc in Finance; BSc in Accounting and Finance; and BSc in Business and Management. These subjects are high in demand based on our internal research and students will have the capacity to specialize in the above-mentioned subjects after completing the courses.

Although LSE offers various programs across the world, we are starting with only these subjects because, most students in this region are more interested in these courses.

Fintech: Does that mean your students will be a part of the International alumni?

Absolutely! Here is the fun part, students will not only be hired by national companies. As an international alumnus, students can easily migrate to other countries and take international jobs.  Additionally, they will also get advantages of being part of an international alumni community.

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