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From The Editor October 2018

Dear readers,

If the tech-startups are given the appropriate opportunities, these small companies will change the country. The positive impact on the economy is a given and that is certainly important, but how this change will manifest in the people’s lives is very significant. The impact will be enormous. And look no further than this month’s cover story to learn how big a ripple the tech-based service providing companies will make when these will scale up and take the country one step closer to a ‘Digital Bangladesh’. And it will be a giant step too.

The cover story looks at the current situation and scope of this industry. There has been a lot of progress in the e-commerce industry, and it is due to happen for the service industry as well. Find out more from our four-part cover story on the subject.

The current government’s vision for a digital Bangladesh is worthy of much praise and has brought about certain successes, taking the country toward the right direction, it is important to note that there isn’t really a ‘choice’ between keeping the country ‘non-digital’ and making it digital. It is the absolute demand of the contemporary world that digita technologies are used to make people’s lives better. To that end, the policy makers should strive to create an even ground for the promising startups so that they are able to help transform Bangladesh.

Editor in Chief- Md. Mizanur Rahman
Editor in Chief- Md. Mizanur Rahman

The potential is real, as reflected in some of the news in this issue. Bangladeshi ride-sharing company Shohoz just raised US$15 million pre-series B investment. Read also about how government’s a2i program has recently launched a very specialized job portal, designed to become a meeting place for the industrial recruiter, skilled trainers and the job seekers. A number of other local and international news are there to help you catch up on what’s been happening the in the fintech sector at home and abroad.

Feature stories on Blockchain, bots, automation and other subjects provides enough materials for interested readers to dive in and hopefully, get enlightened. As always, in-depth interviews are here and these provide a great, sometimes exclusive, opportunity to gain insights about the respective fields in which the distinguished interviewees work.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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