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From The Editor October 2017

The impending necessity of preserving all data in the digital form, both for public record as well as for business needs, gave rise to mass data storage. Ultimately, managing data is going to be one of the key technological aspects that determines how any organisation runs. Fittingly, data centre is being seen as an important piece of the puzzle that will put together the picture of the technological future.

The Data Centre Technologies Summit 2017 (DCtSUMMIT) that took place last month testifies to this fact. As part of our coverage of the summit we bring to you reports on a panel discussion, issues raised at the summit and a special photo feature that captures the vibe at the event. The DCtSUMMIT, where Fintech magazine was a media partner, has been successful for effectively bringing people in the industry together and kindling the fire of hope for the future making Bangladesh a data destination.

Our theme for this issue is data centre. The importance of focusing on data center now could not be stressed enough, especially when Bangladesh pursuing for achieving digital dream. But we have tried. The cover story looks at the situation on the ground regarding data centre and what lies ahead. We also bring you article on why this is a great time for entering data centre business, a fun listology of the biggest data centre, a Bangladeshi perspective on building data centres, a special interview with director of Coloasia, one of the largest local data centres and a lot more on data centre.

If that’s not exciting enough, we continue to present to readers our staple in-depth interviews with leading industry experts and professionals in banking, finance and tech. With machine learning slowly but surely growing bigger, we look at the AI potential for Bangladesh in a special feature. There is of course, our regular infographic, news articles, industry updates and heaps of other materials.

All the technologies in the world, however, cannot make this world a better place if we do not rise to the occasion and become better human societies. As we reflect with a heavy heart, Bangladesh has just witnessed and continues to see the exodus of the Rohingya people in the wake of a campaign of ethnic cleansing in their homeland, Myanmar. The horror this defenseless community has been enduring lays bare the dangerous flaws in the existing systems that operate our modern world. It’s about time we collectively realise that nation states are a practical necessity, and not an excuse for endless conflict.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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