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From The Editor July 2017

The budget fever this year seems to go on; for obvious reasons though.

While the Finance Minister AMA Muhit termed this year’s proposed budget as his ‘best one’ so far, a significantly good part of the population including the policymakers and the economists seem to differ. As per their opinions, the budget for 2017-18 is a bit confusing-starting from the much talked about excise duty on bank account to tightening of VAT regime.

Fintech however unearthed something more perplexing-the silent rise of income tax. Yes, increasing income tax is of course a suitable vehicle to drive on the road that ends up at the destination of ‘achieving the middle-income status.’ But is right to raise it surreptitiously? Our cover story didn’t provide you with the answer rather leave you with a trail of breadcrumbs.

On this issue of Fintech, we also shed light on some of the most prominent personalities of the country. We have interviewed the CEO of Bank Asia to get an insight to agent banking, the managing director of IDLC to learn about the secret behind its meteoric rise and the managing director of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) to sneak a peek into the complex world of capital market.

We also talked with business personality like Captain Moazzem Hossain who gave us his valuable opinions about the capital market and banking sector.

 Aside from those in-depth interviews we have also run our usual features on the latest news and trend about the financial technology. For our regular movie recommendation for the business and IT professional, we have reviewed ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’-the 1991 classic which is considered as the ‘videos bible’ for the people working in sales and marketing.

Keep reading Fintech. We are here to give you a ‘perfect magazine’ experience with our multifarious offerings.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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