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Monday, September 20, 2021

ZKTeco’s permanent under vehicle inspection system to ensure safety and security of your premises

ZK-VSCN200 for checking undercarriage of vehicles by ZKTeco launched for the local market

Photo: Collected

ZK-VSCN200 is a powerful tool to provide professional grade capability for incoming and outgoing traffic within a few seconds. This under vehicle inspection system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of security check in order to achieve a higher level of safety.

Thanks to a specially designed camera with a unique viewing angle in the system, all details of undercarriage are captured very easily. The entire system comes with a rating of IP68 which makes sure the scanners are able to work perfectly in extreme weather conditions.

The system can be integrated with biometric recognition systems, RFID readers, parking barriers, tire killers and many other entry control products without any problem to provide seamless security across any perimeter.

The system has a weight capacity of 50 tons ensuring even if the vehicle moves over the scanner, it can bear the weight and function properly. Moreover, the scanner is able to capture details of undercarriage even if the passing speed of vehicle is up to 60km/h, because of high-speed line-scanning camera inside.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd


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