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The ‘Career In Gaming Industry: Present And Future’ session held at Digital World 2017 on the opening day of the four-day event had industry experts and field-related government officials come together on a panel to talk about Bangladesh’s potential to reap the benefits off of the massive gaming industry.

Masha Mustakim
CEO, Mindfisher Games Inc, The creator
of the Bangladesh liberation war based
Android game ‘Heroes of 71’

“An appropriate ecosystem is necessary for game development and we are fortunate that it is finally happening because of the government’s positive approach. It is a huge step forward as the government officially recognise the importance of the gaming industry and the potentially enormous revenue that can be generated from it.”

“As a game entrepreneur I would emphasize the role of entrepreneurship first. You will need three things to be a successful game entrepreneur, as Rami Ismail said. If you don’t know about Rami Ismail then you should look him up, listen to his talks on YouTube. The three things are passion, skills and money. Passion is a must. You can’t do it without a passion for doing it.”

Dr Xane Alam Raabid
Consultant, Skill Development for Mobile
Apps and Gaming project of the ICT

“The project is being materialized through three main segments. The first segment is building 40 state of the art mobile gaming and testing labs in 40 different universities throughout the country. This will solve the resource problem frequently faced by game developers of the country.”

“The second segment is funding the training of 16,100 youths by the ICT Division. These young students will get free training on mobile gaming and apps. They will be taught game designing, game programming and monetization among other things. The training program will likely start from January.”

“The third segment entails the ICT Division developing 1,050 mobile apps and games. Aspiring developers should contact the ICT Division, so that it can put them in contact with the companies that are developing these apps and games.”

Tanveer Adnan

“When we started in 2008 we only worked with the US market in mind. We got a lot of downloads then. But now you have to invest for gaining each individual user.”

“Rather than focusing on the world market it would be prudent to aim for the Bangladeshi market and the Indian market. We are now able to join the global industry and reap all the benefit off of it.”

Asaduzzman Asad
CEO, Spinoff Studio

“By 2018 the gaming market here will be worth Tk200 crore. By 2019, as Bangladesh gets eight or ten thousand trained youths, it will reach Tk400 crore.”

“Young game developers should take advantage of the ICT Division’s training program. You should go to a marketeer company and ask for a budget and their strategic plan. Your idea might be worth a million-dollar budget.”

Urmi Irani Khan
Managing Director, Trion Technologies

“Game players are a very important piece of the puzzle in the gaming landscape. An avid gamer can point out the pros-cons and all the glitches in a game. The testing stage should be given proper attention. People are often reluctant to rework their project to perfect it. Working on the feedback and taking it seriously is part of the winning formula.”

Mike Kazi
CEO, Kazi IT Limited

“If you are really good at creating and developing content, then find partners. There are entrepreneurs, there are manager-leaders and there are creative people. If you are one of these and not the others, then fill that gap with the appropriate partner.”

Musharrof Hossain
Head, Human Resources Management,
icddr,b; President, APFHRM

“Bangladesh needs to start sharing its resources with international partners in order to gain from their resources. We are able to prepare the platforms needed for this. You know that we have representation in Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM). We can make use of such relationships.”


K M Abdul Wadud
Project Director, Skill Development for
Mobile Game and Application

“Our population is our biggest strength. Forget the US market. There are five crores middle-income population in this country right now, who have the purchasing power. They buy things for themselves and for their children. We are now a lower middle-income economy. We will be a middle-income economy by 2021. BY that time the market will be there. That is why you don’t need to aim for the market outside of the country.”

Md Asadul Islam
Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports

“I have no technical knowledge but I did a little research before coming here. I was lost in the jargons and the complex understanding necessary to truly grasp this. But I was awestruck by learning that the worldwide revenue of the gaming industry is expected to reach $170 billion by the end of 2017. That is a gigantic industry.”

“The youths are now coming into this industry thanks to government’s timely efforts. This will open up new possibilities for our country.” ■



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