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Fourth Generation mobile technology or commonly known as 4G technology is going to make a grand entry this April. One of the most raved topics of the current year is 4G. As already many of us owning 4G enabled smartphones, we are curious to know and experience this upcoming technology. We are very close to the new era of the internet revolution, the 4G era. According to the speed and efficiency, 4G will be a unique experience for users.

What is 4G

In today’s rapidly changing world, 4G is the next after 3G. “G” in 4G stands for generation. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile data technology. It is the fourth generation of the wireless data transmission network set up by the mobile phone industry in order to offer more bandwidth and greater speeds for everyday mobile device operations, such as instant messaging, high-definition video calling, and high-end gaming and buffering free mobile TV.

Resources required

Getting 4G connectivity requires only two components. A network that can support the necessary speeds, and a device that is able to connect to that network and download information at high speed. Just because a phone has 4G LTE connectivity inside doesn’t mean you can get the speeds and availability of 4G. The area you are living must be under your operator’s network coverage too.

Why 4G?

Since all the telecom operators are qualified to bring 4G in Bangladesh, users may wonder why we need 4G when we already have 2G & 3G. A 4G connection is a faster, greater & better experience than 3G. 4G technologies are stronger as compared to Wi-Fi. There are some more reasons to be excited about this next generation technology. They are-

Faster Speed: From choosing a restaurant to eat lunch by checking reviews online, to find the restaurant with the help of online map then to post pictures after getting the food served with – today people are endowed with the internet. 4G network will provide faster speed for downloading anything from the internet, streaming videos, watching YouTube videos, using favorite social media applications. In our busy lives, we all are a social media person to some extent. We love our picture to be uploaded fast, our feelings to be shared completely-for that we need speedier internet.

Extraordinary Experience: There is a little time to wait patiently for small things. Today’s consumers demand more advanced technology. 4G internet connection is a path to experience this completely different thing. As smartphones and tablets developed the capability to stream video and music, the need for speed became critically important. 4G enhancements promise to bring the wireless experience to an entirely new level with impressive user applications, such as high-end gaming, high definition video, and high-performance applications.

In a world of fast-changing technology, there is a rising requirement for people to communicate and get connected with each other and have appropriate and timely access to information regardless of the location of each individual or the information.

4G in entertainment

4G is expected high-quality audio or video streaming over end to end protocol. High definition TV channel, movie and what not are possible in 4G! 4G high definition video games are another attraction for game loving young generation. From young to mature-every person love seamless connection while watching videos on the internet.

4G in work

E-mail and web browsing will be faster with a 4G connection. A smooth operation will ensure faster work process which will eventually save time & energy. It will increase productivity and save man hour.

4G Location-based services

A provider sends widespread, real-time weather or traffic conditions to the computer or phone, or allows the subscriber to find and view nearby businesses or friends whilst communicating with them. 4G multiple user video conferencing – subscribers can see as well as talk to more than one person. Better response time will be helpful when searching for a new location in an online map.


The fourth generation broadband cellular network technology will give people more convenience and ease of lifestyle. Seamless connection, highly reliable and quality broadband mobile communication service will ensure ubiquitous connectivity. Shopping online will be more fun for people who have less time to roam in the shopping mall for hours. City dwellers expect better internet experience of less or same value.


The Challenges include two things and they are ‘channel quality’ and ‘coverage’. Channel quality is a quality concern in 4G technology. Coverage is another major concern in 4G issue. Limited areas may get the superior connection. From the previous experience with 3G, we can assume that operators may not cover the entire country with limited spectrum.


As customers, we demand more for less but operators surely will charge a premium for the superior service. The highest quality and the greatest features may not come in the range that we expect.


Adaptation is another challenge in implementing 4G in every area. Previously launched 3G was not welcomed by all. Awareness is required for mass people to embrace this newest technology. ■


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