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9 Bangladeshis named in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list

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Nine Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs have taken place in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list

The prestigious business magazine Forbes released its sixth annual “30 Under 30 Asia” list on Monday.

The Bangladeshis who named in this year’s list are: Gaze cofounders Shehzad Noor Taus Priyo, 24, and Motasim Bir Rahman, 26; Cramstack founder Mir Sakib, 28; Awareness 360 cofounders Shomy Chowdhury, 26, and Rijve Arefin, 26; Obhizatrik Foundation founder Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, 27; Hydroquo+ cofounders Rizvana Hredita, 28, and Md Zahin Rohan Razeen, 22; and Pickaboo cofounder Morin Talukder, 27.

The nine youths got listed for their work in three sectors — enterprise technology, social impact, and retail and e-commerce.

With 30 honourees chosen for each of the 10 categories, the list includes young entrepreneurs, leaders, and trailblazers from across Asia, all under the age of 30, who are overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and finding new opportunities in the new normal.

The categories include arts; entertainment and sports; finance and venture capital; media, marketing and advertising; retail and e-commerce; enterprise technology; industry, manufacturing and energy; healthcare and science; social impact and consumer technology.

Shehzad Noor Taus Priyo and Motasim Bir Rahman

Taus and Mostasim’s Gaze, a Singapore and Bangladesh-based AI startup, offers visual recognition technologies for online transactions. Launched in 2018, Gaze claims to build frictionless online checkout. According to Gaze Facebook page, they build Gazepass, a passwordless sign in API for developers that is compatible with any device with a webcam or biometric sensor.

Cramstack founder Mir Sakib

Mir Sakib was honoured for Cramstack, a startup that uses AI to automate the extraction of information from unstructured data to provide insights for businesses. The idea behind Cramstack is to build a search platform that would allow users to search enterprise data sources as easily as a Google search.

Awareness 360 cofounders Shomy Chowdhury & Rijve Arefin

Shomy and Arefin cofounded Awareness 360, a Kuala Lumpur-based NGO with 1,500 volunteers in 23 countries and a 150,000-strong campaign on personal hygiene basics like handwashing, water filtration, and sanitation.

Obhizatrik Foundation founder Ahmed Imtiaz Jami

Jami founded the Obhizatrik Foundation to help underprivileged children. So far, his foundation has assisted one million people in poverty alleviation, education, health and nutrition, human rights, and other areas with the aid of 3,500 volunteers.

Hydroquo+ cofounder Rizvana Hredita and Zahin Rohan Razeen

Hydroquo+, founded by Hredita and Razeen, provides AI-powered water management solutions that report on water quality, detect leakage, and forecast demand based on consumption.

Pickaboo cofounder Morin Talukder

Morin’s cofounded e-commerce company, Pickaboo, is well-known in Bangladesh for offering high-quality products and fast delivery. It was one of the first companies to include EMI and same-day delivery.

From 2016 to 2020, a total of nine Bangladeshis made the list. But this year alone, nine Bangladeshi youths named in the list of Forbes for their outstanding contributions to enterprise technology, social impact, and retail and e-commerce.

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