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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Denmark to provide Tk10 crore to be used for providing internet coverage in remote areas of the country.

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Denmark will provide this money under its proposed ‘Digitization of Islands Along Bay of Bengal and Haor Area’ project.

Danish ambassador to Bangladesh Winnie Estrup Petersen announced this decision when she met with state minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak last month.

During the meeting ambassador Peterson and state minister Palak discussed different aspects of the project.

They informed the press that under this project internet coverage will be provided in remote and hard to reach areas through the use of submarine fibre optic cable. High speed internet and e-services through fibre optical connection in the coastal haor and in the north-east island region will contribute to development of the local economy and social development. The project will build 100 ICT resource centre and digital labs in universities. The technology will be used to create solution for the local problems.

They also informed during the meeting that the infrastructure created under this project will also enable other ministries to reach these areas and eventually create jobs and businesses.  The state minister told ambassador that Bangladesh currently has excellent condition for foreign investment.  He also mentioned that there is opportunity for tax-free investments in the high-tech parks.

 The ambassador praised Bangladesh’s development and expressed hope to continue to be the country’s partner in the future.


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