Stamford University holds virtual freshmen orientation

English Department from Stamford University Bangladesh organized virtual welcoming program on July 8

Country’s leading private educational institution Stamford University Bangladesh welcomed the new students for English Department admitted into undergraduate program for Summer 2020 amid the current pandemic crisis.

The department organised a virtual “Freshman Orientation” program on 8 July at 4 pm and the students belonging to 73 batch attended the event through ZOOM app and got themselves introduced to the faculty of the department, reports The Business Standard.

The program was held through online and the students got the fresh idea regarding the academic and extra-curricular activities of the department though it was not held physically at the varsity campus.

Sheikh Nahid Neazy, chairman of the department delivered welcome speech and said to the students to keep abreast of ‘new normal’ academic environment and try to develop some pragmatic skills to face the challenges in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.

Assistant Professors and Administrative Coordinators of the department Fatima Tabsun and Farhana Ferdouse discussed rules and regulations of the university while Mohammad Azizul Haque, associate professor and student affairs coordinator talked about the reason of studying in English and its futuristic views of life.

Among other professors, Sayma Arju, associate professor, and Farhana Ahsan, assistant professor also spoke on the occasion.

Also few students of the new batch shared their first ever experience of attending online classes and are optimistic of remote learning process.


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