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Monday, September 20, 2021

‘Likee Talents’ hyping up the short-video extravaganza

Short video creation platform Likee has launched a unique talent-hunt campaign titled ‘Likee Talents.’ Likee’s biggest event of the year 2021, which began on from March 29, 2021 and will continue till May 23, 2021, is set to cast the social media spotlights on talented and promising content creators who wish to stand out with their creative performances.

‘Fame – Glory – Influence’ – the theme of the campaign says, as the massively trending platform Likee proceeds to reward its best bunch of content creators with exciting prizes. ‘Likee Talents’ is basically a competition, where the 26 most popular and skilled groups will get to showcase their creative capability. Each group shall consist of 10 members, who shall then take part in the 8-week-long hashtag challenge. Each member can post 7 videos every week using the competition hashtags to gather up Popularity Points (1 Like = 1 Point) and followers (1 Follower = 10 Points). 3 bottom-ranking groups will be eliminated every week, while the top-ranked ones will celebrate their reception of weekly winners’ prize worth BDT 42,000, plus in-app exposure.

“Likee has always aspired to facilitate the expression of talent for its users. We hope that through this campaign, Likee users will be able to express their talent in front of a greater audience, and will stand a chance to win exciting prizes at the same time,” said said Ian, Head of Operations of Likee Bangladesh.

Existing Likee influencers have highly appreciated this competition as a way to interact better with their followers, while upcoming stars have also geared up to utilize this exclusive opportunity to make a name for themselves. Likee is going to offer the winner of ‘Likee Talents’ the golden chance to participate in a Music Video with media coverage and interview, all in all, worth BDT 12 lakhs.

Hitherto, in the campaign, among the top groups are #FisherCats, #RoyalStar, #Dreamland,  #BlackLion, #Duronto and many more. As the competition builds up more hype, fans and followers are expecting to see a tighter race ahead.

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