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Jermatz lures crowds by offering an array of discounts at DITF

Visitors to the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) 2022, which runs for a month, are exhibiting a heightened interest in jute-made goods, as producers have presented a diverse selection of products with vibrant designs.

At the month-long Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) 2022, a large number of visitors are flocking to various stalls to buy gorgeous and environmentally friendly jute products since sellers are offering big discounts.

The 26th edition of the month-long Dhaka International Trade Fair drew a large crowd to its new location, with people lining up in front of the stalls. Since January 1, 2022, the newly inaugurated fair has been held at the Bangladesh China Friendship Exhibition Centre in Purbachal.

Various local and foreign organizations have rented a total of 225 stalls this year, including 23 pavilions, 27 micro pavilions, 160 shops, and 15 food stalls.

Jermatz Limited has participated in the ongoing month-long DITF-2022 fair to showcase their products. Jermatz has been meeting the local demand for jute products since 2015. Its managing director, Ismat Jerin Khan, said they have come up with approximately thirty diversified jute products such as runners, wine bags, round floor mats, oval mats, fruit baskets, square baskets, dinner mats, table mats, hand bags, and ladies purses at the fair.

Ismat Jerin Khan said, “We are receiving orders from foreign buyers as Floormat and table mat of 1,000 pieces have already been placed by a foreign buyer. Another foreign buyer showed interest to purchase plate mats for which he bought some samples from us,”   

“In this fair, we comprise a couple of items such as- Home decor item rugs, basket, bedsheet and shoes and all are made of jute,” added Ismat Jerin Khan. 

In last year’s fair, Baskets and floor mats were the most saleable products which ranges between Tk 80 and Tk 1,000 at the fair. This year, 10 percent discounts are being offered on different jute products.

However, “We also take corporate orders for those who are willing to place an order,” she added.

When asked her about the price, she replied and said all the products are available within the price range of Tk 50 and Tk 5,000.

Opining about exporting jute products, she said “We already export jute products to countries such as Germany and Austria,”      

Talking about her entrepreneurial journey, she said, initially, it was not like lap of luxury at all; the beginning was hard to commence a new business as my capital was small. Apart from facing curb with initial investment, the other limitations were choosing right people and favorable place for the business, communicating with buyers, penetrating the local and international markets and building the brand image of the company.    

Describing some challenges, Khan pointed out that jute yarn is spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, and manufacturing sewing threads. This raw material should be available more in our country,” she said.

Designing labs for making innovative jute-based products in accordance with recent international trends can extend the reach of this trade, she suggested. 

The array of products included bags, purses, folders, table mats, prayer mats, doormats, rugs and room dividers, among others.

Every day at 10 a.m., the international trade fair’s entrance will open and close at 9 p.m. The fair will be open until 10 p.m. on government holidays. The adult ticket fee is Tk 40, while the junior ticket price is Tk 20.

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