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Monday, September 20, 2021

Grameenphone observes ‘Security Day’

The digital defense is possible to remain safe in cyberspace

Cybersecurity has become the top priority in the new-normal era to ensure safe access, data protection, secure connectivity, and privacy. Grameenphone, the connectivity partner to the Digital Bangladesh journey, expresses its firm commitment by observing “Security Day” to raise awareness and understanding of security’s importance and encourage its customers and employees to become security ambassadors and act responsibly.

Telenor Group, the parent company of Grameenphone, observed “Telenor Security Day” on October 22, 2020, across all operating markets to raise awareness among customers and employees. 

Grameenphone believes that our responsible online behavior and activities can help build a #DigitalDefense to protect our and our customers’ valuable data, privacy, and assets from cyber attackers. With the upheaval of the C19 pandemic, a remarkable amount of online traffic has been surging. While e-commerce, social media usage, entertainment, DFS/MFS, and other e-platforms are booming simultaneously, online attackers are becoming more active than ever before using ‘Social Engineering’ and other fraudulent tricks. Through Social Engineering attacks, an individual’s data can be stolen, misused, mishandled, and as a result, it can cause identity theft, financial fraud, and other occurrences. 

Rade Kovačević, Chief Technology Officer, Grameenphone, said, “We are committed to safeguarding our network and customers’ online presence through continuous innovations and modernization. 

As a connectivity partner to the Digital Bangladesh journey, we are working tirelessly to keep the internet safe and create awareness among our customers and employees about the danger of cyberthreats so that together we can build a Digital-Defense.” 

To create awareness, Grameenphone has also relaunched the online etiquette awareness drive’ Internet er Duniya’e Jante Hobe, Kothay Apnar Thamte Hobe’ (In the world of the Internet, you have to know where to draw the line). In partnership with UNICEF and Telenor, GP has been conducting outreach programs nationwide to create awareness of a safer internet environment for children and sensitize parents, guardians, and teachers. 

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