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A peek into 5G and AIoT with realme

The telecommunication sector of the world was gradually putting its foot to 5G networking as access to information on the go is increasing day by day. Only a few companies are running 5G networking trials in fewer countries. But eventually, other countries would also adopt 5G for faster access to information. And trendsetter brand realme has already entered the game with plans to bring 5G services along with top-notch AIoT products.

The primary advantages of the 5G are speedy transmissions and lower latency. In 5G the latency will be approximately ten times lesser than in 4G. Therefore, it will provide faster remote executions and the possibility of a large number of connected devices. With a possible transmissions speed of 15-20 Gbps, we will be able to access files, remote applications programs, cloud, all devices (mobile phones, computers, etc.) without potential delay. This will also benefit in controlling the machinery of an industrial plant, control logistics, even in precision instrumentation in a surgical operation where the doctor is another side of the world than the patient.

5G will also be enormously advantageous for the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) which is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) products with the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure as more devices can be connected to the network whether at home or office. This will help to get information in real-time, and by enhancing data management and analytics, it will help to improve human-machine interactions.

Tech-trendsetter brand realme has taken the initiative to deliver a robust and wide-ranging 5G ecosystem with different smartphones and AIoT products at every price point of the market. Emerging in mid-2018, realme’s early strategy to focus on the emerging market has proven successful, and by Q3 2019, the brand has become the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand.

In continuation of its success, in 2020, realme plans to follow the ‘Smartphone + AIoT’ strategy to generate smart trendsetting life and build its business around three usage categories – personal, home, and travel. The company aims to bring the best technology to facilitate the best possible 5G services.

Most recently, realme has introduced its first 5G smartphone – realme X50 5G with top-notch specs. The company plans to release more than 20 AIoT products this year, including its line of wearables such as smartwatches and headphones; and other connected home devices such as smart TVs, smart speakers, and soundbars.

realme has been able to gain enthusiasm over many tech users within a very short time. Hence, if the company strategically continues to make quality AIot products within a reasonable cost, then it is likely that the interest of the global customers will intensify on the realme’s 5G ecosystem too.

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