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Tapan Kanti Sarkar, more popularly known as TKS is a man of letters who believes in actions more than words. Genius in IT strategy, TKS not only walks along technology sector but also sticks a powerful hand in education sector. A year back, Fintech team talked to him and earned many learning regarding CTO Forum and IT sector of Bangladesh. Once again Fintech team went to his office located at Dhanmondi and gathered many knowledge on unique education service from him.

Here is the excerpt for the Fintech readers.

We spoke to you before and talked about CTO Forum. You are also directing education service. Can you give us a brief idea about ADN Eduservices. When did you start working here?

Yes I remember the time when I spoke to you before. I enjoyed very much talking to you about CTO Form. During that time I already kept working for ADN Eduservices Limited. I joined here at the first month of 2016 as Managing Director. In fact, I look after the management section here.

ADN Eduservices Limited is the unique wing for the education sector which is nationally recognized registered training organization in Bangladesh. Our purpose is to reshape career though training and education which positively impacts on individuals, organizations and society. Our corporate culture focuses on the acquisition, retention and sharing of IT knowledge as the engine of success for our services. We strive to build our reputation on ensuring that every one of the professionals we train, support and certify annually gets the personalized attention and support needed to be successful and competitive.

We offer a variety of training options for our customers. While our major services are offering Instructor-led authorized courses on a variety of technologies, our instructions can customize training or design and develop specialty courses to fit your training requirement. Our core business focus is providing high and effective training solutions for total development of individuals.

What is the prominent purpose of ADN Eduservices Limited?

We put emphasis on growing innovative skills of our trainees. We continue to lead the way with new and ground-breaking ways to further assist in skilling and empowering people around. Our training combines with official vendor curriculum, instructor-led instructions, hands-on simulations and exercises, review sessions etc. The hands-on job oriented training that we deliver is not only prepares the participants for the certification exams but also helps them apply the newly gained knowledge immediately to their workplaces.

There is demand of IT training in Bangladesh. Are you providing standard training at this for working internationally?

Of course and we are the one who are not compromising in standardization. All the courses we provide are fully Internationally Certified. You might hear we have worked with government so far including LICT forblockchain, big data, Virtual Reality, VFX. Besides, we have advanced curriculums offered under the world renowned brand Aptech. After training we show our students how to give exams in international market and to lead there as certified professionals. Our slogan in this regard is to make our students ready for any kind of professional job in the international markets.

You are talking about Aptech. Recently you have been attached with it. Tell us about it.

Well, you probably know Aptech Limited is a global education and training company headquartered in Mumbai, India and was founded in 1986 on the principle of enhancing education and unleashing the potential of each student. Its presence in 40 countries around five continents is remarkable. Among them Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Kenya are the best countries for Aptech operations

ADN Eduservices has taken lead as the master franchisee for Aptech in Bangladesh.The product offerings include ACE (Aptech Computer Education), AHNA (Aptech Hardware and Networking Academy) and AELA  (Aptech English Learning Academy).

Besides these, Aptech generates another significant wing called ARENA Multimedia which is having presence in more than 20 countries with 20 years of expertise and trained more than 4 lacs students so far.

We offer variety of career development programs affiliated under these venture with which students get the privilege of transferring credits in overseas countries. If any student complete any 2 years program from Arena Multimedia or Aptech, the student will be eligible to get admission in final year (3rd year) in any B.Sc and Computer Science program from Middlesex University, London.

Arena Multimedia courses duration rangefrom 1 and 2 years for Graphic / Web, 2D/3D Animation, Multimedia, Advertising & Film making, VFX, Audio & Video Editing.  The students are getting trained by experienced national and international certified trainers only. Students will get internationally recognized certificate which will add the value in their career. Our placement team is working 24/7 for the placement of the students.

Aptech Certified programs are especially designed for delivering a 360 degree learning experience to help you build a strong basement on global technology insights. The basic focus is ARENA Multimedia and other in-demand latest technologies and this program offers a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge of subject to make you ready for job professionals.

If some basic training is needed for any course, are you ready to provide them?

As I said before we provide certified IT professional Trainings. In fact, we do provide world class training for all levels of courses. Basically, we do not call it training, we call it upskill and upskill has no limit. Training is a temporary kind of thing, what we do, provide the opportunity to upskill staff and expand the professional capabilities of each trainee.

Our prominent focus is to foster the success of individuals and their communities through innovative, flexible IT learning and aspirations resulting in self-fulfillment in competitiveness in challenging global IT market. We strive to build our reputation on ensuring that every professionals we train, support and certify annually, gets the personalized attention and support needed to be successful and competitive.

How big is the market of IT training sector?

It is actually booming day by day. If we look through Bangladesh, Tech sector is not new to us. Our government is trying heart and soul to bring the people under digitization. So government is taking many steps to train the countrymen on information and technology. Besides, some private companies also try to focus on it. Actually, market is not huge in this connection. The more people are getting involved in technology, the more they feel interested to join IT training sector. ADN Eduservices is doing well for providing IT training as you know. We create IT professionals and these IT professionals getting the training or skill make the market bigger in future.

Proficiency in English language in Bangladesh is a big problem. What you are doing for this? 

Well, I was talking about Aptech. Aptech is the pioneering segment for English language learning. With slogan ‘Unleash your potential’ Aptech comes with English learning academy for global professionals designed by Middlesex University London. Through this perspective, we have ‘Aptech English Learning Academy Bangladesh’ located at Dhaka city.

We are providing different courses for the trainees so that they can get the environment of being fluent in English language. We have best-in-class infrastructure, a dedicated language lab, IELTS test portal and many other basic programs for our learners. Digital language lab is a unique concept to give students a hands-on learning experience so that it can enable them to practice and master the language through innovative tools. Actually, we have international framework based courses designed by Middlesex University of London.

What is ahead for ADN Eduservices Limited?

ADN Eduservices delivers world class training that develop the potential of an individual student to the maximum.Our purpose is to reshape career through training and education, which will positively impact individuals, organizations and society. Our organization focuses on giving world class training and sharing of IT knowledge, which we consider to the engine of success. We strive to build our reputation on ensuring that every professionals and students we train, support and certify annually, gets the personalized attention and support needed to be successful and competitive.

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