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Special wing needs to be built for housing project

Md. Shadi-uz-Zaman, Managing Director of Notundhora Assets Limited believes to have a special wing for housing project for further development in real estate and housing business.

More than 30 lakh workers are directly involved in real estate and housing sector. Everything like furniture, lands, and apartments’ interior designs is connected all along with housing sector. If this sector goes into recession, the country would face a huge economic disaster if this sector is not properly cared.

Notundhora Assets Limited Managing Director Shadi-uz-Zaman says, “Thanks to our government for taking innovative steps in this current pandemic situation and the allocated budget of present fiscal year for real estate is really admirable. If the revenues are properly used, so many employments will be created.”

“But we often have to face difficulties for approval in housing project,” says Shadi, “especially for the land projects. We fall in procrastination for taking NOC from ministry for the approval and as a result we have to face many problems that create bureaucratic complexities.”

It is long term process to get the approval for the new projects and therefore the customers cannot book to approved company due to long term procedure. And naturally, they lose credibility on real estate companies.

Talking about approval process Shadi says, “Honest companies like us who want to go with legal issue for the customers according to the government policies need a special wing for approval issues under the same umbrella. And if it happens in each and every ministry or secretariats for making a special wing in housing project, no bureaucratic complexities will grow anymore.”

Notundhora Assets Limited wants to prove to continue work in full-fledged way maintaining the government policies and if the housing projects of real estate companies are taken to a single umbrella and if the complexities could be compacted, the faith will come back in housing sectors and approved companies will be increased.

In fine, Shadi-uz-Zaman concludes by saying, “No fear of fraudulence and deception will be reigned anymore because we know new world will be built if we want to make our dream true in real estate and housing sector.” 

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