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Samsung brings a revolutionary solution to care for your clothes

Samsung Bangladesh has launched AirDresser, a ground-breaking solution to solve the most wearable problems. The ceremony took place on September 3, 2020, at BTI Landmark Showroom.

The AirDresser is a new and efficient method of caring for clothes, keeping them refreshed and revitalized without washing. As it prolongs the period between washes, less stress is put on fabrics, especially delicate materials.

On this occasion, Shahriar Bin Lutfor, Head of Business, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Bangladesh, said, “The AirDresser offers a great way to care for and freshen up your wardrobe, especially as we are spending more time indoor and trying to limit our trips to the dry cleaners. With the growing trend of people choosing to invest in sustainable, higher-quality garments that will cause less damage to the environment, the AirDresser will ensure that the garments will last for a longer period.”

The product offers numerous features that have been built with gentle care for clothes in mind. The AirDresser has a Jet Air system and Air Hangers that freshen clothes by using powerful jets of air to loosen and remove engrained dust, even from deep within the fabric. It also uses Jet Stream, which sanitizes garments gently to remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

And its Heatpump Drying provided gentle care for clothes by drying them at a low temperature, reducing any worries of shrinking and heat damage. The steam also relaxes the light wrinkle on the clothes. For additional care, the AirDresser comes with a Weight Kit to help smooth out wrinkles and renew pants pleats. The Air Dresser captures and removes 99% of odors from the garments by using the Deodorizing Filter and keeps the cabinet & clothes fresh.

Md. Shariful Islam, Product Manager, Home Appliance, Samsung Bangladesh added, “We feel delighted to bring an innovative way to clean clothes and giving consumers more freedom to spend their time doing things that they want to do in life. Taking care of certain material can be difficult, especially if it is a delicate material. AirDresser will quickly and sufficiently handle any clothing issues.”

The AirDresser is WiFi-connected and can be controlled remotely via the SmartThings mobile app. The users will also receive laundering notifications in the app.



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