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“Samo Leather aspires to provide world-class items to the doorsteps of its clients.”

Interview with Momin Dayon, Founder and Managing Director, ‘Samo Leather’

With a prophecy of becoming the most dependable, economical, trustworthy, and genuine high-quality items, Samo Leather is dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions for all types of genuine leather products.

Because of the opportunity offered by the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak that broke out last year, Samo Leather’s business had plunged during the pandemic. As the popularity of online purchasing grew, Samo Leather’s internet business grew at a rapid pace.

This story unfolds with a young and vibrant entrepreneur named Momin Dayon, the Founder and Managing Director of the brand leather products ‘Samo Leather’. The leather sector has a lot of potentials. This sector combines a blend of modern technologies and customary practices. 

“I’ve always had a flair for working with leather items, and it’s grown rapidly, indicating that it has the potential to thrive as a consumer and exporter of leather goods. Even for a novice like myself, I realized leather might be a viable business,” Momin Dayon expressed his thoughts.

Because Momin did not come from a middle-class household, he quickly learned that his path to the top was fraught with challenges, according to Dayon.

Fintech interviewed the man at the helm of producing leather products. Momin Dayon, Founder and Managing Director of ‘Samo Leather,’ discussed the leather industry, its future, and the online leather industry. Here’s a portion of the interview that was sent to me via email.

A little Backstory  

In an interview with Fintech, Momin Dayon, the founder of ‘Samo Leather,’ talked about his path. The 26-year-old talked about his childhood in Chadpur, his time at Safarmali High School, and how he grew up to become the entrepreneur he always wanted to be.

“I was a small-town kid with enormous ambitions,” Momin explained. “I grew up in a middle-class family in Chadpur. I graduated from Safarmali High School in Chandpur with a Secondary School Certificate (SSC), but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak.”

Can you tell us how did you begin you career?

Back in 2015. Momin used to live with his elder brother in Dhaka. During that period, he was a college student. As a student, he always wanted to be financially independent and therefore started working on leather products. Meanwhile, I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Dept. of Social Work, Tejgaon College.

“Initially, my job was to collect raw material products from different factories. After that with a capital of only Taka 25,000, I started producing leather products such as- belts, wallet, bags and gloves along with a craftsman (worker) in year 2015 and the remarkable journey of ‘Samo Leather’ begins after that.”

Momin’s elder brother inspired him to become an entrepreneur and eventually, he opted to work on this huge growth potential leather sector.

What are the strategic areas where Samo Leather is concentrating its efforts?

Samo Leather has reached out to most of the general buyers of the country. For example, we take orders from corporates, local suppliers, dealers, and resellers, etc. Samo leather products are now prevailing all over Bangladesh as well as outside the country such as-Taiwan, Europe, Japan, China, Italy and Spain.

What are the next Samo leather products?

As winter season approaches, new products are joining in our fleets such as leather jacket, hand gloves, leather socks, chest guards, travel bag and loafer etc. 

What are you doing to achieve Samo leather’s goal or objective?

In order to achieve this goal, I always prioritize the product and the quality of the product, as well as the safety of the workers in my factory. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

I believe that if these aspects are right, I will be able to achieve my goals and objectives.

What technical advances are you doing to better serve your customers?

Online marketing is the practice of leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers. We presently use online tools such as- Website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.      

What are the plans for Samo leather in the future?

If you want to gain customers’ trust and confidence, there are no shortcuts rather than earning it. Samo Leather wants to gain customers’ conviction by providing 100 percent quality leather products and we are working towards achieving that goal.   

About his company’s future plans, Momin said, Within 3 years, Samo Leather is planning to employ 150-200 personnel in near future and I want my factory to be fully compliant.    

Samo Leather will keep on contributing to the country’s economy by abating youth unemployment.     

What are the different types of products? What is the current number of manufacturing workers? What are your thoughts on digital marketing?

Samo Leather is presently working on every category of leather products. For women, we have products such as- backpack, handbag, purse and sandal. For men, we have bags, chest guards, gloves, socks, waist bags, garment leather accessories, leather jackets, shoes, sandals, belts and wallets. Key ring and card holder belongs to corporate items. We also sell different types of travel bags, file covers, many other types of leather goods.      

Both types of workers, temporary and permanent have been working for Samo Leather for a long time. At present, the number of workers is 40 in Samo Leather.      

Digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent and getting popular these days. Therefore, Samo Leather wants to reach out to the world using digital marketing. Currently, two teams of experienced digital marketers are working on Samo Leather. As a part of digital marketing, we are doing campaign marketing by using various social media platforms.

What are the difficulties of becoming a business owner?

Outlining a couple of challenges of being an entrepreneur, he said capital was the pivotal hindrance to business expansion.  

Another challenge would be- There are not enough skilled workers in leather goods and footwear sector. For example, there is a shortage of skilled artisans compared to several factories. Raising the price of raw materials poses a huge challenge in this sector as well.              

Most of the raw materials used for our work, other than rawhide, come from abroad, which we collect from importers, and sometimes there is a lot of trouble with their stocks. When producing a product, we have to deal with these problems.

What can you tell us about the current Samo leather promotion?

Winter Deal Up to 80 percent discount is presently running on Samo Leather. Since we are manufacturers, we are trying to spread our product service to everyone at a minimum price. The campaign will run throughout the month as a promotion of Samo Leather where all the winter products such as- Jackets, hand gloves, socks, chest guards, travel bags, etc.

What actions does Samo Leather need to take in order to compete in the international market?

When it comes to export, we place a premium on product quality and finish. There is no replacement for high-quality export finishing. In six years, Samo Leather has been able to preserve the product’s quality, which is exportable, many times over.

We’re employing more trained workers to help us export all of Samo Leather’s skilled-labor products.

For export, Samo Leather has formed a creative team with a one-of-a-kind status, from product design through production.

Samo Leather will engage a Leather Technologist to verify that the skin grade, quality, and finishing are all done correctly. Above all, innovation is critical to the global market’s long-term viability.

Sharif Ahmed

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