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Country’s first-ever home renovation reality show ‘Berger Happy Home’ on Channel i

With their aim to bring about the highest degree of consumer delight by providing enhanced product experiences, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is presenting the audience with Bangladesh’s first ever home renovation reality TV show ‘Berger Happy Home.’

The unique program has the key objective to help people renovate their home-sweet-homes with better design, paint, and architectural solutions. The first season of ‘Berger Happy Home’ is going to be jointly hosted by celebrated actor and architect Aupee Karim and renowned architect Asif M Ahsanul Haq.          

There is a popular saying – Nothing adds soul to a space like a distinctive wall covering. Many of us have the capability to afford a well-designed interior setup, yet cannot ‘get that thing right’ because of unclear ideas. The task of balancing the game of shapes, colors, and contrast is not as simple as it seems. One needs to have a sophisticated understanding of moods and a combination of light and shadow to find the perfect tone for their home walls. The placement, size, and shapes of interior furniture also play a crucial role in the whole composition.

Berger has stepped up to work with families with different needs with their interior renovation with the ‘Berger Happy Home’ TV show. Experts in the show will address the common home management issues, such as – space utilization, furniture arrangement, wall color harmony with corresponding décor accessories, ventilation system, lighting, and many more relevant aspects, ultimately leading to a superior reformation plan for the home-owners.

AKM Sadeque Nawaj, General Manager-Marketing, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, has said, “It is not so uncommon for us to often visit homes which are spacious and filled with luxury décor, yet get a gloomy vibe right after stepping in. The reason is very simple – when we are in a home, we subconsciously start to seek comfort and reassurance. Like we say in Berger– Paint your imagination – we want more people to better understand the tricks and importance of ideal home decoration, in accordance with the picture they have inside their minds. I am very hopeful that the audience will find ‘Berger Happy Home’ fascinating since this show is the first-ever home renovation reality show of the country.’

Berger’s new venture to provide a more integrated and edifying home-décor solution is set to have a passage of four episodes, each focusing on different homes and different angles. Two different architectural firms (Mree Studio and Venna Architects) were assigned for the redecoration tasks. Berger has worked with Market Access Providers Limited, Unitrend Limited, and Film Noir in this project. The reality TV show will be aired every Friday through this December at 9:35 PM on Channel i.

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