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‘Bangladesh is a very important market for us’

Deepak Singh Thakur, Head of Business at Delta Power Solutions | Photo: Arif Mahmud Riad

Deepak Singh Thakur is the head of business for one of the business units in Delta Power Solutions which is known as a Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions. This business unit under him mainly deals with UPS and data center solutions. Thakur looks after India and SAARC as a region and he is based out of corporate office in  Gurgaon, India.

Fintech talked to Deepak Singh Thakur during his visit to Dhaka recently.

What are the core areas your company works in?

Delta as a group is known, part of Delta Electronics is a group which is a Taiwan based company founded in 1971 and our core business is OEM and ODM business in switching power supplies. We are world’s no. 1 switching power supply manufacturer and in terms of our overall engagement in other product lines, we are also leading in telecom power business. We also deal in thermal management which is DC Brushless Fans. We have the largest ODM product.

Besides that, there are business units like industrial automation, telecom IHS set, UPS and Data Center which I represent, then we have also energy storage, recharging, we have solar invertors, and we are also having a lot of solutions in building automation. As a group, Delta is a very diversified organization having most of the ODM and OEM products. Now we are coming up with our own brand.

Delta is more than  USD8.5 billion company globally. The core business is ODM and OEM, there is majorly dual US and Europe compatibility covered with that. Then we have as I explained it to you the core business, anything which is related to conversions, so switching power supplies conversions, whether it is DC conversion or AC conversion. So that’s what our core competency is.

Talk about your approach in R&D and creating solution.

Delta as an organization believes in ‘smarter, greener, together’, that is our tagline which we speak about. The reason we say is, Delta has been spending a lot in R&D in terms of bringing smarter technologies, like for example any DC conversion or AC conversion in switching power supplies, Delta works to build those smarter technologies which will help customers in terms of achieving their energy efficiency goals, that’s why the ‘greener’ comes in.

And when we say ‘together’, the biggest strength is that we work with our customers and our partners in solution providers to create solutions, we don’t have only standard solutions but Delta is a R&D based company, so we keep on improving upon new technologies, we keep on understanding new trends which are coming up in the industry also to meet the energy efficiency targets. So we keep on developing, that developing is done with co-working with the partners and our customers, that’s why ‘smarter, greener, together’ we say. ‘Together’ is basically with the partners and customers we work with and ‘smarter and greener’ is what we deliver to our customers.

This business is no doubt very competitive, so what are the advantages in the competitive market?

See, the advantage of being in a competitive market is that you have to keep on improving. So that’s where we spend around seven percent of our global revenue on R&D. We have more than 64 R&D offices, that’s the testimony of Delta is spending a lot in terms of bringing in more better technologies, and the technologies which we bring in, our competition takes around a few years to even go to that level.

So we bring a lot of competitiveness to our customers by bring in these technologies, and the competitive market is always good for us because then we are able to showcase our difference.

You have a very strong regional and global presence. Talk about your plans for Bangladesh.

To be very frank we have local presence through our partners, I would not say we are directly involved but we have very strong partners in Bangladesh who provide the local services as well as the support.

Going forward, like I said, I am not only looking after India but the SAARC region including Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. So this is our first endeavour to get into much more engagement because Bangladesh is also a very grown market and we feel that with our kind of solutions which we have, which are much more smarter, greener, if we work together with the partners in Bangladesh, we will be able to achieve much more and we will invest more in terms of our presence, not only in sales but also in services.

We want to be among the top players in UPS and Data Center Solutions, we are already having some engagement with our other business units which are related to telecom power supplies.

But we have much more, like for example video walls, we have display units and other businesses which we are slowly trying to bring into this country. And as a country, India and Bangladesh have been throughout historically very close and we feel that this is a good market for us.

Thank you very much

You are most welcome.

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