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An in-depth interview of Duke, Managing Director of vivo Bangladesh

Keeping tabs on the evolving needs of consumers’ lifestyle and combining it with global mobile inventions, vivo is one such brand that is innovating at a faster speed and creating mobile products that are stylish and embody ground-breaking camera technologies.

In this interview, Duke, Managing Director of vivo Bangladesh talks about vivo’s latest launch- the V21 series, the story behind its innovation, the latest technology, research, innovation and the future of the V series in Bangladesh.

An in-depth interview of Duke, Managing Director of vivo Bangladesh
Duke, Managing Director of vivo Bangladesh

Can you explain about vivo’s Research & Development to cater the young consumers? And how much effort of R&D went for conceptualising the V series?

With 80% of the workforce invested in research and development, vivo understood that camera and design are the top-most priorities for the selfie-loving generation living vibrant lifestyles. Recognizing the consumer need to always capture memories, especially night scenes, vivo has brought V21 with OIS feature (optical image stabilization) in 44MP OIS Night Selfie System for ultimate night selfie experience. V21e arrives with 44MP Eye Autofocus in the front camera that capture human eyes and provide more stability and clarity to pictures and videos. Both these technologies incorporated in the V21 series are niche and industry leading to enhance the photography experience.

vivo recently collaborated with a renowned TV and Film actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim? Can you throw light about the significance of this partnership?

vivo recently collaborated with renowned TV and film personality Bidya Sinha Saha Mim for the V Series. Bidya is known for her exceptional personality and acting skills in Bangladesh. Her persona very well resonates with the V series that exudes sophistication and excellence. She acts as a role model and inspiration for a huge fan base in Bangladesh. We are proud to have her onboard for V series. She is the perfect personality to take our premium night selfie centric V21 series to the masses. The partnership signifies our commitment to local talent and emphasizes our focus on communicating the core value benefits of the smartphone to our target audience.

According to vivo’s internal research, what challenges do users face in mobile photography and how does V21 Series aim to provide efficient solutions?

Previously, consumers have talked about blurry photographs, unstable videos and overexposure at night-time due to flashlight in extremely dark rooms leading to unrealistic images. The V21 front camera solves this challenge to easily create high-quality images. When combined with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), the technology enhances image details to bring out ultra-HD images. Moreover, AI Night Portrait is supported by AI Night Algorithm and Selfie Spotlight, that will change the face of night photography. vivo understands that technology always has potential for growth. Through thorough research, we aim to eliminate the restrictions placed on photography. The combined capabilities of EIS and OIS deliver ultra-stable motion photography and videography during day and night.

vivo V21 series
vivo V21 series

Why does vivo choose to focus on the front camera for its V21 series? Will focusing on such niche market affect sales expectations?

As a global brand, vivo combines the best resources and insights to create smartphones with amazing features. Various research and consumer insights suggested that the front camera is the most used smartphone feature today. Therefore, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature in V21 is a result of that research. As an industry first, vivo has successfully managed to incorporate OIS system in the front camera of V21 that intelligently detects movement of the phone and increases the quality of shots. vivo V series focusses on redefining the front camera selfie capabilities, making it is perfect fit for new age content creators, selfie enthusiasts and youngsters who live vivacious and dynamic lifestyles.

What is the unique feature that make cameras in the V21 series so special?

The V21 Series has fulfilled a long-time ask of photography enthusiasts and content creators with its unique 44MP Night Selfie System that combines Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for ultimate photography experience day and night. The combination of OIS and EIS creates a software-hardware synergy, which delivers ultra-stabilization capabilities for handheld and motion shots at any point of the day. The camera system is also equipped with super light sensitivity, can extend the exposure time in night scenes and increase the amount of light intake for clear shots. Together with the 44MP Super Night Selfie, Selfie Spotlight, AI Night Portrait with AI Night Algorithm, it solves various pain points of night photography and videography. It goes without saying, V21 series is one of the first smartphones to address the night photography with greater attention to detail.

How does V21 series cater to the overall needs of a smartphone user besides delivering a selfie-centric experience?

Following a rigorous customer centric approach, vivo understands the varying needs of the consumers. Even though V21 series focuses on delivering an ultimate selfie experience, it also takes care of other aspects of the smartphone such as rear camera, design, performance and processor.

V21 holds a strong camera system and has excellent power efficiency with the powerful processor clocked at 2.4GHz which makes it a game-changer. It offers high value for money with fast network speeds and a super smooth overall experience. 33W FlashCharge protects users against battery woes. Additionally, it has a unique transitional technique to connect the frame and the back panel to give out a smooth texture, a luxurious feel and a strong grip to make it a versatile handset.

Why do you say that the series is “designed to enhance all aspects of users’ smart lifestyle”?

While V21 series is known to redefine the front camera capabilities, it is also well equipped to revolutionize the whole smartphone experience.  The V21 series utilizes a MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor. It is designed as both a powerful performer and a design accessory. It comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM that ensures seamless smartphone operations without any lag. With E3 AMOLED Display, V21 delivers smoother visual effects and a coherent viewing experience while effectively reducing ghosting and latency when playing games. V21 offers a high value for money, with fast network speed and a super smooth overall experience that enhances all aspects of user’s life.

vivo V21 series
vivo V21 series

The V21e has eye autofocus and multiple camera modes. What are the other camera features that makes it stand apart from the rest?

vivo V21e comes with 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera that captures eyes of the subject and prevents blurriness in pictures/ videos even when the subject is in motion. It has various other fun features for experimental photography such as Dual-View Video, Slo-Mo Selfie Video, 4K Selfie Video, and Steadiface Selfie Video.

The alluring 64MP Night camera provides exceptional image quality, supported by a set of secondary cameras to respectively handle macro photography, wide-angle and more complex shots. Combined with Super Night Mode, Stylish Night Filter, Art Portrait Video, Ultra Stable Video, the rear camera also delivers a quality photography experience.

What are the similarities between V21 and V21e falling under the same umbrella of V21 Series?

Keeping the V series legacy alive, vivo designed V21 and V21e with excellent night camera features to deliver a versatile imagery experience in limited lighting space. V21 Series has 44MP Night Selfie System that offers Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for ultimate photography and videography experience. Both the smartphones support 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM along with the 33W Flash-Charge feature that allows users to power up their phone in no time.

Both V21 and V21e has Dual-Tone Step and AG Glass design that reduces the size of the hardware and enhances its visual appeal, making the device a perfect companion. The Extended 3GB RAM feature helps improve the speed and performance of mobile applications, providing better experiences to varied young age groups in their desirable price range.

What is the focused target group or the customers for the V21 Series in Bangladesh?

vivo being a youth centric brand, always aims to stay ahead in the game by addressing the needs of our young consumers. Our focus target group for the V series are those who love to click selfies, enjoy hassle-free photography and derive an aspirational value from their smartphone. We want V series to become an integral part of user’s lives that resonates with their personalities and lifestyles.

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