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“Verifying the IMEI number before buying a smartphone is important”

An interview with Tanzib Ahamed, Deputy Brand Manager, VIVO Bangladesh

In the current decade, there has been a significant improvement in the communication sector of Bangladesh. As the benefit of this improvement,domestic and foreign smartphone companies are playing active role in the Bangladeshi technology market.Vivo, a Chinese multinational technology company,is in the centre of attraction among the mobile phone companies for several years.Along with ranked one of top five smartphone companies in the world market, Vivo has launched 5G-ready smartphone already in the market.

The journey of Vivo started in 2017 in Bangladesh.But within just three years, Vivo has captured a large share of the smartphone market with a combination of new technologies andfocusing interests of the young generation.Even in the time of coronavirus pandemic, the company is launching new smartphones regularly.

Mr. Tanzib Ahamed; Deputy Brand Manager Of Vivo Bangladesh, told about the pandemic situation, the position of Vivo in the smartphone market, offers for customers of Bangladesh and the strategy of the company in present time.

Vivo entered the Bangladeshi market three years ago. A number of smartphones of Vivo with attractive specifications have already attracted a quite response in Bangladesh. What is the experience of the journey of Vivo in Bangladesh?

Vivo’s official presence in the Bangladesh market has been going on for almost three years. The smartphone market of Bangladesh is quite large, so there is an opportunity to expand the products-market here. Since our journey in Bangladesh, we are trying to understand the dimension the market of this country, trying to know deeply the demand of users. The people of this country like new technologies. So, we try to release a smartphone with better specification for the customers.We always try to bring new technology. In continuation of this we introduced in-display fingerprint, popup and dual popup camera technology for the first time in country’s market. Vivo is also popular for its fascinating design and long-term services. Within just 3 years of entering in Bangladeshi market, Vivo has become one of the top companies in terms of innovation and design. In the meantime, usersget great camera features and best-designed smartphones from Vivo.

Illegally-imported smartphones are currently having a negative impact on the market. What steps is Vivo taking to address this problem?

Illegally-imported handsets are being sold in a variety of shops of the local market. However, these handsets do not have standard quality. Besides, the after-sale servicing from them are very poor. The tastes and comforts of using the officialsmartphone are quite higher than those.  As a result, when users face problems after buying these illegally-imported unofficial phone, it bringsdisrepute to the brand.In this case,Vivo try to provide accurate information about the brand to the users. Vivo informs users through its Facebook page if they have any inquiry. There is also an option named“IMEI authentication” on Vivo’s official website, where users can find out whether the phone is genuine or illegal by providing their IMEI.So, it is important to verify the IMEI number before buying a smartphone.

Tech giants around the world are taking preparation for the launch of 5G technology. Is Vivo preparing for this?

We have launched a new smartphone keeping 5G in mind. As the first brand in the world, we have launched 5G-ready smartphone IQOO Pro 5G. There are also a number of smartphones waiting to hit the market. Now, the main goal of Vivo to give users a more vibrant 5G experience through multi-applications and multi-devices. Vivo ranks fourth in this year’s global 5G market. Vivo is expected to produce 21 million units of 5G-ready smartphones worldwide by this year.

The effects of the coronavirus have hit the world economy. What’s Vivo’s position at the time in terms of sales or demand for mobile phones?

Sales and production of all companies have declined in this economic downturn. But in the meantime, Vivo is one of the top five smartphones selling companies. I think it is a success for us.

People’s income has curved during the pandemic. In this situation, what kind of phone has Vivo launched for the middle class?

In this shaky situation of pandemic, people enclaved in home. They are performing different activities sitting at home. As a result, the use of mobile phone has increased significantly. Dependence on mobile phones has increased as mobiles have the advantage of doing different tasks at the same time. So, in along with affordability, users want to buy a smartphone with best battery, advanced camera technology andmore storage facilities. Keeping this in mind, Vivo is focusing on mid-range budgetsmartphones. During coronavirus pandemic, we have launched Vivo Y30 and Vivo Y50 which are priced at Tk17,990 and Tk 20,990 respectively. Both the devices have a 5000 mAh battery. After that, recently we have launched our Flagship phone vivo V20 and premium flagship phone V20 SE. Both smartphones have got a huge response from Bangladeshi customers.

Is Vivo going to launch any new phone in Bangladesh market?

Vivo gains popularity due to the innovation of smartphone technology and the addition of new technologies to their smartphones. Following this, we are planning to bring a new phone with side fingerprint sensor technology. Vivo will launch this new Y series phone in the country by this September.In special circumstances, if one wants to save time or use the device immovably, the side fingerprint is more efficient than the rear fingerprint. Hopefully the new phone will appeal the users of all ages.Besides side fingerprint sensor, the new smartphone has 5000mAh battery. 

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