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From The Editor November 2017

With the global fintech giant PayPal officially ushered into Bangladesh, the door to cross border Internet payment has now been pushed ajar. There are restraints still, but this is a much awaited and needed start of the payment gateway. However, the state minister for the ICT Division Junaid Ahmed Palak has thankfully assured that a full-fledged PayPal will be launched and The ICT Division is already in talks with the company. In this month’s issue we cover the launch of PayPal with detailed report on how the service will work here in Bangladesh.

ICT Expo is undoubtedly worth paying attention to, particularly for a magazine like Fintech. The cover story for this issue is therefore on ICT Expo 2017, where we look at its history and evolution, with insightful quotes from experts and lawmakers. However, there needs to be honest assessment about the ‘Make in Bangladesh’ dream in order to accurately evaluate its possibilities and potentials. A ‘dream’ without the backup of rigorous policy and implementation is just an act of sleeping. However, the state minister for ICT Division informs that companies are expected to set up manufacturing plants soon.

The regular interview segments are here, as always. And like before, we have attempted, hopefully successfully, to present interviews containing important and pertinent questions, in addition to being diligent about producing the interviews for our readers immaculately, so that the true spirit of the conversations is conveyed.

One of the interviews is with Abrar A Anwar, with whom we caught up just before he was about to leave for Malaysia, where he is being sent as the CEO of Standard Chartered, Malaysia. He is the first Bangladeshi CEO of a multinational bank to be posted as the CEO in a developed economy like Malaysia. So, a much deserved congratulation is in order. Phrases like ‘nation’s pride’ are reserved for people like Mr Anwar. Congratulations!

We continue to cover important financial and technology issues. We report on an important policy round-table by InM and UNCDF that took place last month on interoperability of digital finance in Bangladesh. There are other reports on the agro-finance, banking, labour market. Fintech is always a great resource for finding all banking news in one place and easily catching up on what’s been happening throughout the month. On the lighter side, there is our regular movie review segment. We are always eager to get your feedback, suggestion for content and plain criticism.

Wishing you a fabulous November

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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