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Annual remittance hits record of $16.56 billion

Image: Disruptive Views

Expatriate Bangladeshis sent around $16.56 billion in remittance until June 3 of the current fiscal 2019-20, which is all-time high of any fiscal.

“As of June 30, in previous fiscal year, Bangladesh received $16.42 billion in remittance. With one month left in this current fiscal, the sector has achieved this record of $16.56 billion,” the finance ministry said in a press release issued recently.

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“It is the highest record of any financial year,” the finance ministry said.

The ministry also said this achievement is the result of the government’s two percent incentive programme.

The country’s foreign exchange reserves also touched a new record of $34.23 billion on June 3 amid the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier, the previous highest reserves amounting $33.68 billion were recorded on September 5 in 2017.



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