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From The Editor March 2018

Dear readers,

With the International Women’s Day in mind, we have designed an issue that takes a look at the prominent women innovators and entrepreneurs in the ICT, fintech and banking sector.

That is not to say their work and influence do not surpass the confines of these fields, neither to suggest that these women in leadership positions are worthy of notice only because of this auspicious day designated for celebrating women.

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Our in-depth interviews bring to the fore why they are some of the most important figures in their own fields and inspire awe for their remarkable achievements. They also challenge the image ’boutique shop’ entrepreneurship typically associated with businesswomen.

Fintech Editor in Chief- Md. Mizanur Rahman
Editor in Chief- Md. Mizanur Rahman

Numerous organisations, including the World Bank, have repeatedly pointed out the need for higher participation of women in the ICT sector. Bangladesh government, specially under its ‘Digital World’ vision, has also taken a host of initiatives to enable better access for women. With an economy steadily growing toward a more developed state, the participation of half of the population is more crucial than ever.

Fittingly, our cover story focuses on this and presents a 360-degree picture of the current state of employment, education, accessibility, support and overall challenges in women participation in tech. Coupled with our other features and regular segments the issue is jam-packed with contents that shed a light on number of different aspects of women in the ICT, banking and fintech sector.

Here’s wishing you an inspired International Women’s Day, and hopefully some of those inspirations will be through Fintech’s issue on women.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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