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ZKTeco’s ‘Green Label’ product combines convenience and innovation

Since its inception in 1998, ZKTeco has always been in a relentless pursuit of technological innovation to ensure security, safety and convenience for the consumers across all verticals. Thanks to its forward-looking approach, it has been able to secure its place as one of the most renowned brands not just in China but across the globe. Keeping in line with the very tradition, ZKTeco has brought an entirely different series of product to cater customers who seek the very best in terms of technology, design and accessibility: Green Label product line.

So, what is this fabled Green Label product line and what does it offer, one might wonder? To put it simply, Green Label is nothing but a high-end product line by ZKTeco which focuses on offering product across all the verticals i.e. high-end time & attendance, access control and system integration products with maximum security and superior UX while ensuring ease of use. This line of products is particularly project oriented and comes with a warranty period of 3 years. 

The Green Label product line incorporates several technical advancements including visible light facial recognition, SilkID fingerprint verification, higher speced hardware & software. It doesn’t stop there: you get a truly one-stop and customizable solutions of your entire systems including 3rd party system integrations. That’s beside the global aftersales supports and other associated enterprise perks.

In the local market, there are several products of Green Label series available. Out of them, let’s highlight a few to the products:

ProFace X

ProFace series has already several products out in the market for quite a while now. But the ProFace X is a product of a different league on its own right and offers superior outdoor facial recognition. This vandal-resistant terminal is a fully upgraded solution and is powered by the latest ZKTeco-customized CPU. This CPU allows to run the proprietary facial recognition algorithm and helps to boost up the performance in all aspects. The capabilities of ProFace X’s facial recognition have reached a new height as it offers up to maximum of 50,000 facial templates at a blazing speed of less than 0.3 sec per face. What adds even more sophistication to the device is its anti-spoof ability to counter any fake photos and videos attack. ProFace X doesn’t stop there: it can recognize faces in extreme lighting condition (50,000 lux), can accurately measure face distance, and can work in harsh weather conditions thanks to its IP68 protection standard.

Elite Access

Elite Access offers a robust facial recognition terminal with ultra-large capacity crossmatch facility. It comes packed with ZKTeco’s customized powerful CPU and a maximum of 50,000 facial templates for 1:N recognition. This, by all industry standard, is considered to be one of the highest-level facial recognition terminal available for commercial use. Thanks to its powerful core and the upgraded facial recognition algorithm, Elite Access rapidly recognizes any face just within 0.3 second. It also offers protection from fake photo or video or any other form of spoofing attack.

Besides, Elite Access is comes with a 2MP low-light WDR camera and highly standardized accreditation including IP68 and IK04 guaranting operation in extreme outdoor and harsh indoor environment. To make the product last even more, the terminals are built with high corrosion resistance material. So, it can be used in concentrated chemical or industrial complexes and coastal areas.


The beauty of G4L, a unique green label solution, is it one of the best few devices in the industry that offers multi-biometric-identification-based access control terminal. The device includes enhanced visible light facial recognition and SilkID fingerprint authentication technology. It overcomes all the previous shortcomings in terms of facial recognition and provides a robust allrounder performance in terms of usability and reliability. In contrast to the other near-infrared facial identification devices, G4L offers much quicker automated facial detection. It can recognize anyone when the individual comes in its detection distance which is 0.5m to 2.5m. The deep learning algorithms of the device is also offer superior anti-spoofing support without dropping a beat. The 3D neuron fingerprint algorithm of G4L precisely authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints efficiently and accurately. The device also supports identification with RFID cards and passwords.

G3 Pro

ZKTeco’s G3 Pro is another unique device that offers seamless operation by merging computer vision technology within its 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition terminal. Meaning this device’s terminal can perform bio-authentication with a user’s palm vein, palm print, and the shape of palm simultaneously once the sensor detects a hand Infront of it. It has been evident that palm vein and palm print patterns are some of the key accurate physical attributes that are unique and extremely hard to duplicate.  During the COVID-19 pandemic this device becomes sort of perfect for any and every organization as it comes with a touchless hand tracking technology offering angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis. G4L can store 6,000 palm templates and can extracts palm print and vein pattern from a distance for recognition of 0.2m to 0.5m in less than 0.35 second.  It’s compatible with ZKBioSecurity and BioTime 8.0 and most ecosystem products available out there.


Software are considered the soul of any system. It’s the true driver behind uniform operation on any hardware. In the ecosystem of ZKTeco, ZKBioSecurity is such a binding tool that forges connectivity across all security-based hardware. In short, ZKBioSecurity can be termed as the ‘ultimate all-in-one’ web-based security platform that contains multiple integrated modules. Currently it has 11 modules integrated in it: access control; time & attendance; consumption management; elevator control; visitor management; parking; guard patrol; entrance control; FaceKiosk and intelligent facial recognition camera management; video (VMS), mask and temperature detection module and other smart sub-systems. All of the sub-systems support both single-unit deployment and multi-module linkage and effective data presentation further analysis. For robust global operation it comes with multi-lingual support, 3rd party integration. ZKBioSecurity’s current version supports 30,000 users, 2,000 doors and can work on Windows PC or Android and iOS smartphones. 


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