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Friday, August 6, 2021

ZKTeco brings new facial recognition and thermal image detection terminal

Based on the existing firmware and hardware configuration, this access control & body temperature detection and masked individual identification system ensures security and safety from germs by reducing dependency

The renowned biometric security solutions giant, ZKTeco has introduced a new range of product, the G4[TI], for local market.

G4[TI], is a visible light facial recognition and temperature detection system which can be considered as a quintessential for the new normal. It can easily impede almost all imposters while detecting face and temperature.

The terminal can also integrate a large resolution thermal imaging module with Computer Vision facial recognition system. The device uses several modes of authentication including fingerprint, card, and password to ensure 360-degree security. The 16GB storage of this device can store 10,000 users, 10,000 faces, 10,000 fingerprints, 10,000 ID cards and 100,000 transactions.

For this storage capacity and ability to integrate and operate rapidly, this device is perfect for both small to large corporations and institutions such as hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations.

If this device’s function cannot meet the needs of customers, then ZKTeco can provide an EDK embedded development kit and adjustment tools. Thanks to its robust and stable platform, client’s R&D team can quickly develop, integrate, and debug the entire embedded system.

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